[New Video] Why Cue – Cappin’ Alert | Dir by. TylerBStudios @WhyCueSPG

From the streets of New York, Why Cue is taking it to Chinatown to shoot his new video “Cappin’ Alert.” He’s collaborating with Tyler B Studios to give his fans a sultry yet refreshing visual to his new single, produced by Roswell Gray. The NY rapper is chanting “I spent a rack on her purse, money coming, I’m attacking it first,” letting listeners know he’s always getting to the bag as the trippy vibes compliment his 808s and catchy flow. Posted up on Doyer, one of the most notorious streets of Chinatown, he’s seen blowing smoke and puffing on that good good.

Cue’s name started buzzin’ around the tri-state area when he first linked up to produce a track with Lil B in 2010. Fast forward, he’s managed to connect with Shawty Lo and has been leaving his mark in the hip hop game ever since. His fan base stays loyal and cheers him on with every video, flooding his YouTube with likes and comments, as he gears up to take over 2019. Find “Cappin’ Alert” on his latest project, Xxotic, available for preorder now!

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J Holiday Co-Signs Rico Anthony Calling Him Top 5 Kings Of R&B Music

J Holiday Co-Signs Rico Anthony Calling Him Top 5 Kings Of R&B Music

J Holiday Co-Signs Rico Anthony Calling Him Top 5 Kings Of R&B Music

The internet is on fire right now and its all over Jacques calming he is the “King Of R&B.” This video got on the radar of J Holiday and he had some words to say about it.

In this video J Holiday Co-Signs Rico Anthony Calling Him one of the top 5 Kings Of R&B. 

So who is Rico Anthony? He is the guy that is bringing back that “Good Good” Music and making things sexy again. Check out the video he just dropped with Ray J called Downtown. 

[New Video] FlatLine Nizzy – “Watch” Shot by TRILLATV

WITH AN UNCANNY STYLE, RAW FLOW and ECLECTIC WORDPLAY, Flatline set the City Of Pittsburgh on fire after the release of his debut project, “Landlord Livin”. After landing major distribution, Flatline is ready to take 2019 by storm and set to release his follow-up EP, S.A.L.U.T.E. on January 1, 2019 on all major digital platforms. The video for his new single, “WATCH”, is already gaining traction on YouTube with over 100,000 views ahead of the digital release of the single. Check out “Watch”, on the link below and subscribe to his YouTube Channel.

Listen to FLATLINE NIZZY – WATCH by SPACESUPPLY #np on #SoundCloud

How Did @TheRealThood Come Up With “Nice To Meet You” Record

This guy is creative as hell. Word is he recorded this record in 15 mins max. T-Hood is out of Atlanta and he’s been on his grind for a while with his MAFIA movement. His time is now, and this record has the ladies talking. So far the record got attention off an IG clip. Got posted on a few dope IG pages. T-Hood gave his fans what they asked for. The record is called “Nice To Meet You” and it’s produced by Quay Global. Check it out below now!

[New Music] Relm Diggie . “I’m a Buckeye” . (OHIO STATE ANTHEM) @relmdiggie

Relm Diggie was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. He is most passionate about his writing, he was inspired and encouraged to write by his 4th grade teacher. Relm had a reading class where his teacher asked his students to write a story. Relm wrote a story 20 minutes before it was due, his teacher told him to never to put his pen down.

Relm always knew he would pursue music as a career, it’s what he’s always loved to do. The moment he knew music would become his life was when his song was played on the radio in 2003, his city responded with so much love and support. That was the moment Relm decided to move to California, but his journey wasn’t always easy as he was met with obstacles and struggles.

Relm Diggie has had to face life changing experiences including the moment his manager was murdered and he had to identify the body. This was the most painful setback of his life and career. His manager’s death came only three weeks after his wedding, he had just gotten married to his high school sweetheart. This was a tough moment for Relm. Relm and his manager had worked so hard on his career, so for Relm to then became a suspect really hurt him deeply. He was the last one in the studio and was the last to see his manager alive. The real suspect was finally found and Relm was off the hook.

Relm Diggie struggled since he moved to California, as he left everything and everyone he knew. He’s been in California now for 10 years and his only family is his son. The message Relm hopes to send through his music is: “I want everyone to gain a positive sense of self, a sense of knowing who they are and ultimately bring them closer to God. You know at the end of the day, that’s why we’re here.”

What sets Relm apart is his storytelling ability, what makes him different is his life experience and what he brings to the table. He is motivated to push through to make it by both of his sons. They both push him to leave behind a legacy where he aspires to leave them with something. Relm wants to show his sons that whatever they want in life, they can get.

Relm’s brand translates into “keep pushing” as that is his message. “Raw footage, in life’s movie the music is free” is Relm’s slogan. Relm’s next major goal in his career is to write books and write movies. Relm is short for Realism. Relm sounds like no one person. Every verse he sounds like someone else. That’s why he’s a star.

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World Premier “Don’t Shoot” @Ntgmcee @YungDraw #PhillysPowerCouple #Ntuneentgrp

World Premier “Don’t Shoot” 

 #PhillysPowerCouple #Ntuneentgrp
Philadelphia’s Power Couple, NTG & Yung Draw release visuals for their thought provoking urban anthem “Don’t Shoot” shot by Herricane Morrales and Produced by Midnite Music. Don’t Shoot is a powerful cadence dealing with the issues facing the urban community today , a song with a definite message that proves once again the #spittagang #phillyspowercouple will not be denied. Grab Don’t shoot single or full album “ Music & Marriage” today available exclusively on the websites below 

New Music: Tha Chill – 4Wit80 | @ThaChill

New Music: Tha Chill - 4Wit80
New Music: Tha Chill – 4Wit80

Tha Chill is one of the legends when it comes to west coast rap. Being part of Compton’s Most Wanted, Dirty OG’Z and Boomdocz Production, His music is something that will go down in the hip hop hall of fame when its all said and done. 

The name of the project is 4Wit80 and its a banger. Click the link below to stream the music right now.

Columbus,Ga Rapper @YourMajestyDot Drops Heat With “Shakur” Record

Don’t sleep on this one. The record has plenty of passion behind it. This is not a remake it’s more paying homage. YourMajestyDot held it down. He decided to drop his record “Shakur” and it’s next level. May be one of his best records to this date. Make sure you tune in to this one. He gives you subject matter and lyrics.

New Music: Lil Tzar – John Wall (@liltzarfnb)

Lil Tzar just released his smash debut single, “John Wall”. Tzar spent the last few years working as an executive behind the scenes working campaigns for artists like Zay Hilfiger and brands like Trapwoodz. Tzar, better known currently as Sheikh Fye owns his own label Fye & Barnes and is set to take the industry by storm in 2019 with his own music and a roster that includes super producer Hendrix Smoke (credits on Lil Wayne, Chief Keef, and many more) Real Sidechicks Of Charlotte featured rapper Nikkie Bandz, and more to be released soon. He also co-owned the previous Underground Music Award winner for Best Website For Indie Artists, GetMoneyMusic.com, which him in his partner closed last year to focus on artist marketing expansion. Get familiar:


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